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The Digital Solutions team at ITR were launched at the #ThinkITR Open Day in August 2017.

ITR have created digital solutions for a number of years - working on their very first conference with 250 iPads back in 2012 with the very first generation iPad! With a vast amount of experience in all areas of digital, including design, development, project management and event delivery, you can be sure your requirements sit in experienced hands. Every brief and requirement that passes through the team is executed with all this knowledge in mind to ensure you and your clients have the best experience possible and meet all of your objectives.

Previous work we have completed has seen us develop solutions for all industries and all requirements, including bespoke microsites for the hospitality industry, conference programmes and interactive eposter solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and interactive quizzes for the financial industry, to name a few.

Coupled with the bespoke software solutions we also have a number of “off the shelf” solutions including an interactive conference application for iPads, a moderated social media wall and a digital signage solution with a difference. Each solution has been tailored to specifically work for the events industry and all the demands and flexibility that this industry requires!

iConference - an Interactive Paperless Conference Application (designed for iPads)

iconferencesystemforipadsThe iConference solution gives each delegate to the event their own individual iPad for use in conference sessions. Each delegate has every tool they could possibly need for the conference on their iPad including standard features such as personalised agendas, event maps and floorplans, biographies for all the conference speakers, copies of brochures and pre-read materials to name a few. The more interesting and interactive elements include real time slides to each device where delegates can make notes and have them emailed after the event, voting, question and answer sessions, event feedback forms, and many more.
Each event is supported with technicians and operators to control and support the iPad systems.

Bluebird - a Moderated Twitter Wall

bluebirdtwitterwallWe know how important it is to be in control of social media displays. With the world of twitter being such an open platform we have to ensure that the brand stays protected at events and only shows messages or tweets that are appropriate for their business. The moderated twitter wall holds all tweets against a set hashtag until they are approved for display, and once approved they are immediately sent to your main display. Any rejected tweets are still stored should these require further investigation after the event.

QuickBid - an interactive auction system (designed for iPads)

quickbidauctionsystemOur interactive auction system has a number of additional features to encourage competitive bidding and ultimately increase the value of each auction lot! We have “QuickBid” buttons in each of the lots which increase the bid by a set value (£10/£20/£30, or even £100/£150/£200), the speed of which these buttons can be used is what creates the competitive atmosphere. Each device also gets notifications of when they have been outbid from one of the auction lots, again so you can go back and continue to bid! The system can include details of the main event sponsors which is also a great way to raise additional funds.

If you would like to know more about our other systems including registration and badge printing, data collection, ePosters to name a few, please get in touch with the team using this form.

We would love to hear from you.


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