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If you are looking for a reliable computer then PC’s are still one of the most popular rental options available from ITR today. They are professional and functional, making them perfect for situations both in and out of the office. Here at ITR we understand that it is not always feasible to buy a new PC for the sake of an event that lasts a two or three days, so all of our rental solutions are affordable and priced competively. This means if you need a PC for an event, conference or training course then the team at ITR can definitely help find the best possible options available to you. Our PC hire solutions are available to hire both short and long term, so if you need a pc from anything between one day and three months then ITR hire can certainly assist you.

We have a large variety of top brand PCs available to hire, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Viper so you will never have to worry about the quality of the machines you hire from ITR. Also, with large amounts of stock available it is definitely not a problem for us if you need to hire a large quantity of high quality machines. To make the rental process as stress free as possible our entire range of PC’s come with a 17’’ monitor, USB keyboard and a USB mouse as standard. If you would like to upgrade to a 21’’, 24’’ or 27’’ monitor you can do so at a small additional cost. With a variety of different specifications of machines on offer, we can really tailor your service to exactly what you need, whether you need a large quantity of high spec machines for a hackathon or a couple of PC’s on a short term hire for a training event at the office.

All rental PC’S come with a Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows or Windows 8 operating already built in and if you want to change the operating system to something you are more used to, all you need to do is ask and we will change it for you. Similarly, we have a wide range of Microsoft Office Suites available and depending on your existing technology we can install the one that is best suited to you. McAfee anti-virus software and all of the standard programs will already be installed onto every PC including Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Nero Burn Rom, VLC Media Player and WinDVD. If you require any software to be installed onto your PC prior to the event we are happy to do so for you, we can even preload a free 30 day trial of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 onto the computers if needed.

PC hire is extremely popular with businesses that need to rent a computer for a short period of time for use within the office. This is because they are extremely useful for tasks you may not need to do every day such as programming, e-learning, word processing and producing and keeping track of data. Whether you need a PC on business hire for training purposes, CAD design or one-off data entry then ITR can help determine your best possible choices. Another reason you may need to hire a PC is for use at an event, exhibition or conference. They are absolutely perfect for showing delegates or attendees your company website as you can have documents or webpages already pre-opened for people to browse at their own leisure. Another popular use for PC’s at events is for gaming purposes and our high spec machines are absolutely perfect for this when it comes to their power and graphic capabilities.

If you need to hire a reliable, Universal and professional PC then one of our most popular options is the Lenovo Idea Centre A720. With an Intel Core i5-3210m 2.5 GHz processor and 6GB of RAM this PC is a great choice for those needing a powerful computer. It’s 27’’ LED multi-touch screen makes it perfect for getting event attendees to interact and engage at your stand, making it a strong choice for exhibitions.

If you are looking for a high powered and high spec gaming machine then our Viper machines are a great choice. We currently offer the Viper 1, the Viper 2 and our custom built Viper 4 machines which are a popular choice when it comes to huge gaming events. With Intel core i7 3.8GHz, 32GB RAM, 4GB dedicated graphics and a choice of a GTX 670 or GTX 680 graphics card the quality of image is amazing and is flawless. These machines are popular for use at LAN parties and game launches, especially when used alongside Oculus Rift technology.

Our team are experts in the industry with a wealth of knowledge regarding PC’s and PC hire, so if you have any questions throughout the rental process, someone will definitely be able to help. We consider customer service to be a vital part of the rental process and we want to ensure that you are impressed with the service that you receive from the start of the process, right to the very end. It is incredibly important to us that from your initial communication right up to the collection of the products that the client is put first. To help assist with your hire, ITR also offer installation services and on site techs as part of the rental process, meaning we will be at hand to help you with whatever you may need.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about the benefits of PC hire from ITR Hire or if you would like to receive a quote, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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