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Touch screens are the latest way to display information in a professional, interactive manner. Hiring a touch screen is a fantastic way to engage customers and could be the difference between a sign-up and a walk away. Touch screens are commonly rented for exhibitions, trade shows and meeting rooms and are great for portraying a slick corporate image.

All the touch screens to hire on IT Rentals boast wide screens and amazing picture quality to make sure your products always look their best. Highly sensitive screens and sturdy stands also help our rental touch screens to stand out from the crowd. The touch screens to rent on IT Rentals range from 17" to 32" and are versatile enough for any business need.

Nowadays touch screens are popular to hire for exams and training purposes and are also desirable for product development in a group environment. If you think hiring a touch screen could be the best option for your business, get in touch with the team at IT Rentals today.

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What are Tablet Accessories?

Alongside a wide selection of tablets that are available for rental and use, ITR offer a range of stands, mounts and displays for all of our range. These accessories further improve the protection and visibility of your rented devices should you take them into a public domain, such as a conference.

There are a huge number of tablet accessories for iPads and other tablets, each with their own purposes. From securing and protecting to allowing further connections and charging capabilities, our selection of accessories will ensure that you get the most out of your rented equipment.

We provide items that are designed for specific models and others that are generic, for use with all types. Many of these additions offer a ‘self-serve’ standalone solution when at a conference or trade show, meaning that you needn’t fill your conference stall with extra staff to operate the devices.

Tablets can provide dynamic and engaging digital material about your company to a number of viewers, whilst also allowing interaction and data gathering potential. With the use of some of our accessories you can really utilise the great benefits of tablets.

Here at ITR we stock the following accessories:

Desk Mounted Solutions i360 iPad stand

is excellent for when security isn’t an issue. This stand is available in black and white and customers can customise the bases with specific colours and company logos. iPad stands are excellent for demonstrating websites, apps and product brochures.

i370 iPad stand

is a more secure option for iPad presentation. This can be securely locked into the stand fixed to a desk, wall or exhibition stand. As with the i360, the base can be branded. With the ability to cover a home button whilst keeping access to the headphone jack, you can present exactly what you want to viewers. This also allows iPad charging.

iPad floor stands

are available for single or multiple iPads and can charge the devices from a powered kiosk. These allow custom-made vinyls which offer fantastic advertising opportunities.

iPad viewing stations

offer a budget stand that is easily transportable without wasting time assembling. With the addition of foamex board you can personalise the stands to your company. These enclosures are available in black or white.

iPad hubs

can store a number of iPads on height-adjustable arms, perfect for presenting visuals to a wide range of visitors. These can fit 1, 2, 3 and 4 tablets in each stand.

iPad Station

holds a single tablet securely with the addition of two literature stands to help present distribute company materials providing excellent multi functionality.

For those renting Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface and Nexus 7 tablets, we also offer generic table and floor stands offering the same great practicality with the potential to brand them with your company logos too.

Portable Tablet Accessories

Whether for data collecting or direct presentation of apps, website and brochures to a small number of viewers, these accessories will help ensure your rented tablets are comfortable to use and protected.

Griffin Air Straps

can be used with many tablets, including all generations of iPads. These allow comfortable periods of time for outdoor use and protect tablets from damage and weather without compromising functionality.

Waterproof tablet cases

are also excellent for outdoor events. These cases come with a neck strap to easily carry a tablet at events.


are hardwearing cases that are perfect for those taking tablets on long journeys that wish to (very) securely protect them.

As well as these portable accessories, all tablets rented from ITR come with leather folio cases or clear covers free of charge, so you can rest assured your rented tablet will be protected from scratches wherever you take it.

Other Accessories

We provide a wide range of other accessories for your tablets. For charging and connecting tablets to other devices we offer:

  • European plug adaptors
  • iPad VGA, DVI, HDMI adaptors
  • Kensington security locks
  • Headphones
  • Bluetooth keyboards

With our multiple usb chargers you can charge up to 15 devices at one time, perfect for large scale exhibitions or conferences. Tablets can also benefit from company branding with our own custom made skins.

For those seeking to utilise wordprocessing, we offer a lightweight touch keypad cover for Microsoft surface tablets, acting as a keyboard, stand and protective cover.

Should you want wireless internet on your tablet, we can also provide you with sim cards for 3G/4G tablets with a preloaded amount.

Lastly, we have a range of wifi printers that allow for easy printing of business documents with a wifi enabled tablet or other device.

ITR Tablet Accessories

As you can see, ITR offer a massive selection of accessories to help provide you with protection and portability for any use you may have for your tablet. Be it a large scale conference, or outdoor data collecting with an iPad, our specific model and generic tablet products will make sure you make a big impact with whatever content you present.

If you have any more questions about our tablet accessories, or you’d like to rent something from our collection, please to contact us here.

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