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When hiring equipment the choices can be difficult, but if you’re looking for a high quality, iconic and stylish manufacturer then look no further! As a great alternative to Windows based – hardware, Apple has become increasingly popular particularly among media companies and creative agencies. ITR have a large range of Apple products available to hire on both a short term and long term basis so whether you need equipment for an event, meeting, training event, exhibition or conference then ITR can definitely help you find the perfect solution. As a recognisable and professional brand, Apple is the go to brand for anyone looking to impress at event or exhibition.

ITR have a huge choice of Apple products available for hire including iMacs, iPads, MacBooks, iPod and iPhone and the latest 2014 release, the Mac Pro. So, if you are looking for the perfect Apple rental solution then ITR can help personalise the service to you and your company. All Apple Macintosh equipment already has OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Mavericks or the latest OS X Yosemite operating system built in, so if you are looking for a quick and easy installation ITR Hire is a great choice.

All our Apple products have the standard software and applications installed, which could include iTunes, iMovie, Calendar, Keynote and Safari. We can however, install any other applications you need including Playback Pro, Office for Mac and Adobe Creative Studio. If needed we also offer a per-installation service of your own software. So if you need to tailor the Apple Equipment hire to your company we can definitely help. Similarly, we have easy access to the App Store, so if you need to download any specific applications we can either pre-install them or you can easily download them on-site.

Need something on the move? Why not take a look at the new Apple iPads? Fresh and intuitive, the Apple iPad is the latest must-have gadget for anyone needing a portable tablet on short term hire. Featuring a stunning retina display, an impressive inbuilt camera and up to 16GB of memory iPads are definitely a great choice for companies looking to portray a professional image. They are the perfect option if you need equipment for event registration, data capture or for event display as they are professional, light-weight and have a sleek, recognisable design. ITR Hire also offer a number of iPad accessories including a bespoke conference app, interactive voting solutions and a wide range of iPad stands to suit any event.

Another great and easily transportable product available to rent from ITR Hire is the Apple iPhone or iPod. Similar to iPad hire the Apple iPhones and iPods allow you to benefit from being able to capture data, run registration services and demonstrate applications and products. With the latest models available all loaded with the latest Apple software, the iPhone and iPod are definitely a perfect choice if you are looking for Apple Mac quality but in a portable handset.

If you are looking for a desktop or laptop then there are plenty of other Apple hire solutions available, including the increasingly popular iMac. We have 21’’. 24’’ and 27’’ iMacs ready to hire and which are perfect for exhibitions and events. Their 5mm thin design and the lack of a need for a tower means that if you need to save on space, the iMac is the perfect options as you can do so without having to reduce on quality. To make your rental experience run as smoothly as possible all Apple iMacs come with a wireless keyboard and magic mouse as standard.

Another popular Apple Hire option is the MacBook Pro, the laptop of choice for businesses such as design agencies, production companies and web developers. If you need to rent an affordable laptop that you can rely on, the MacBook pro is an obvious choice as it has a sleek and light-weight design which is both recognisable and iconic. We offer a number of different sizes for hire as well as the option to hire the MacBook Air, which is perfect if you need a laptop that is even lighter for travelling. With a powerful processor and 1.0GB of memory, the small size definitely doesn’t mean a compromise in performance.

If you want to hire something with an innovative and impressive design then look no further as ITR Hire stock the 2014 Apple release everybody is talking about, the Mac Pro. A computer tower with a unique cylindrical design the Apple Mac Pro is definitely both professional and eye pleasing. With 4, 8 and 12 core processors available, the Mac Pro is possibly one of the most powerful Apple Products released. ITR Hire also offers rental solutions for the perfect partner for the Mac Pro, the Mac Cinema Screen. The crystal clear graphics and a super-wide display make the Mac screen an amazing platform for absolutely anything! Perfect for design agencies, creative businesses and photography studios, the Apple Mac Pro and Mac Cinema Screen combination is definitely one of the most popular Apple computer hire options at ITR Hire today.

When hiring Apple Mac equipment from ITR Hire you can be sure that you will be speaking to industry experts with a wealth of knowledge within the industry. Customer service is incredibly important throughout the rental process and we will ensure you are impressed with service you receive from start to finish. With both installation services and on site techs available as part of the rental process you can be reassured that if there is a problem we will be able to help and assist you with anything that you need. So, from the initial communication right up to the collection of the products we can assure you that we will put customer service first.

If you would like more details about how Apple equipment hire from ITR Hire could benefit you, or if you would like a quick quote please do not hesitate to call today.

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If you are looking into renting Apple equipment for an exhibition, conference, meeting or for educational purposes, you need to make sure that you get in touch with ITR. You’ll be certain to be able to benefit from the huge variety of quality Apple products that we stock, and through ITR you can rest assured that because we only stock the latest models, you’ll only be using the very best equipment.

Apple have created such a vast range of products, and their range of iMacs, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pro’s, Macbook’s and iPads are popular for a reason. The stability, connectivity and the usability of their technology has propelled them to the top of the market. Furthermore, by speaking to us, you’ll be able to make the most of our range, regardless of your Apple equipment requirements.

Cheap Apple device rental

There are many benefits to our Apple device rental services, but the main one is that you are guaranteed quality whilst also benefiting from the unrivalled user interface and compatibility that Apple offer. We stock 2nd to 5th generation Apple equipment and are proud to be one of the largest stockists of Macs on the rental market.

Our Apple devices are the perfect solution for a number of reasons, and they a great option for the following environments:

  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Meetings
  • Schools
  • Training Events
  • Voting systems

A majority of our iPads have retina display capabilities, with the largest resolution being 2084 x 1536. All of our iPad models are updated with the latest software which is iOS7, which includes plenty of new features including Airdrop. Airdrop allows for the easy sharing of photos, documents and videos while Siri is also included so that you can make the most of voice recognition if need be.

We are able to preinstall any Apps from the Appstore which you may require, or any custom made software that you might have developed. This is so that we can ensure that it is in full working order before delivery of the products, allowing you to fully prepare for your event or exhibition.

If you need equipment for data capture, event registration, for demoing products or for event display, please get in touch with us. iPads are the perfect choice for either public or private use, and you’ll not only be able to rely on the Apple brand, but the ITR team will be on hand to offer any assistance throughout the rental period.

Our Macs have all of the programmes that you would expect, including:

Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro, Motion 4, Compressor 3, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Colour Adobe Creative Suite MS Office iWorks, which is Apple's version of Office. It includes pages, numbers and keynotes. Mac Office, which is also compatible with MS Office documents, providing great ease of use.

In addition, you can also expect all of the standard Apple App software, including Safari, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iChat.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro’s are the computer of choice for creative businesses such as design agencies, photography studios, musicians and production companies. The Mac Pro is perhaps the most powerful of the Apple products which we stock at ITR and is available with 4, 8 and 12 core processors.

If you’re after an altogether more powerful computer, which is smaller, lighter and more powerful than its predecessors, ask us about the Mac Pro 6 Core.


Our powerful 21” and 27” iMacs are perfect for exhibitions. They not only save on space due to their cutting edge slim line design, being only 5mm thin, but being as powerful as they are, they are sure to impress staff or members of the public alike.

All of our iMacs come equipped with bluetooth keyboards and a magic mouse, while we can also pre load any apps or software for you if need be.

Mac Mini

The smallest of the PC’s that ITR stock, Mac Mini’s are a great choice for use at exhibitions and a perfect for holding demonstrations and hosting presentations. With our Mac Mini rental service, you’ll benefit from using the latest available operating systems, with Maverick, Snow Leopard and Lion Mavericks OS 10.9 bringing a huge 32GB RAM to the table.

If this sounds like a product you could benefit from, please contact us today and the ITR team will be able to point you in the right direction.


We offer short term iPhone hire, and this service is similar to that of our iPad hire service as you’ll be able to benefit from being able to demonstrate apps and products, or the capturing of data.

Our iPhones are the latest models, and are loaded with the latest Apple software. If you require a memory upgrade for any reason, we will be able to run you through our available options. You can’t go wrong with ITR iPhone hire as this particular family of handset is amongst the most popular handset on the market.

Apple Mac rental

If your business is looking at renting Apple product rental services, then ITR is certainly the right choice for you. We have a wealth of knowledge within our industry which will mean that you’ll be happy with the products that you receive from us, as well as the service that we offer from start to finish. Customer service is important to the ITR team throughout the rental process, and right from our initial communications through the delivery of the items and up to the collection of the products at the end of the agreements, we’ll be able to assist you with anything that you might need.

Don’t risk choosing another company, choose the proven iPad display rental expertise of ITR. Please get in contact for more information, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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