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iPad Event Solutions

With the Apple iPad being one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the rental market, here at ITR we have developed a range of solutions to suit every event. Whether you are looking for a simple app or something completely bespoke we will either have or create the solution you need.

Some of the apps available from current and past projects include:

iPad Conferencing App


This is a bespoke app tailored for each event and conference and when each of the delegates are provided with an iPad from ITR this gives a completely paperless environment. Each iPad is connected to a local network, meaning no outside internet access is needed and response times for data are ultra-quick. The iPads are loaded with agendas, speaker biographies, venue floorplans, and any other information you would usually print in a brochure.

Delegates are shown the presentation slides directly on their iPad in real time and given the opportunity to make notes directly on the iPad alongside the presentations, with all notes taken being emailed directly to the delegate after the conference.

Attendees are also given the opportunity to participate in interactive voting and Q & A sessions all using the iPad, with the presenter having their very own iPad to receive all the feedback and see exactly what the audience are responding to.

This solution has a multitude of extras available for each conference, please speak to one of our team for the full list of features.

Data Collection App for iPad - Questionnaires for iPadiPadDataCollectionFromITR

Available as an online of offline app, we have a range of apps that can be used for short term data collection events alongside your iPad hire. The apps will collect data offline and upload the responses they have received as soon as they have an active internet connection. For outdoor events you can hire the New iPad 3G with a data allowance package which will allow the results to be uploaded from the iPad in real time.

Full spreadsheet reports are provided post event, or can be provided during the event at agreed intervals, showing all responses collected. 

Event Registration/Check-in

Simple event registration apps which are designed for use on the iPads are a cost effective option for anyone looking for high tech event registration. Attendees are checked off against the guest list and you can also add new attendees on the day if required.

Reports and lists are provided post event showing the exact list of attendees and their times of entry.

More than one iPad tablet can be used for the registration and each iPad will "sync" when connected to the internet which will show the same results and data on each device, with the app still functioning in the absence of an outside internet connection.

Our bespoke iPad applications built for specific events span over a variety of different uses and purposes, please give the team a call to discuss your needs further, or click here to place an enquiry direct with the staff.


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