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Announcing the very latest in LED Video Wall Technology range that arrived at ITR Hire this Autumn.

Our brand new 2.5mm LED panels arrived at the ITR Head Office ready to service exhibitions and events this September!

Absen 2.5mm LED Video Wall Panels


The Absen 2.5mm LED Panels are 400mm x 300mm and with 160 x 120 pixels per panel you can achieve a Full 1080p HD image over a far smaller size wall compared to previous. The reduced pixel pitch of this LED wall also means that there is a much reduced viewing distance, with anything greater than 2.5 metres providing an optimum view of the wall. This significantly reduced viewing distance means that even small exhibition stands and small event breakout areas can have the impact of this 2.5mm LED wall.

Absen 3.9mm LED Video Wall Panels

itr-led-wall-3-9mm.pngThe Absen 3.9mm LED panels are still available and many still find the 500mm x 500mm overall panel size a great fit for their stand or event. The reduced resolution of 128 x 128 pixels per panel is suitable for large displays or text based content. Optimum viewing distance for this wall is 3.9 meters or above, which for large exhibition stands or large walls to create impact at events is easily achieved!

What is an LED Video Wall?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode – a semiconductor device which produces visible light when an electrical current passes through it. LED video walls are built using a large amount of panels that made up of individual LED’s, and are customisable depending on the size and resolution you want to achieve.

What can I use an Absen LED Video Wall for?

As the need for eye-catching displays is being more paramount in the events industry, event organisers and stand builders are turning to smarter technologies. With a viewing distance of 2.5m or 3.9 meters, depending on the model, the Absen LED Walls are perfect for large public events. They are commonly used as an advertising platform, for staging, as a constant content provider on an exhibition stand or as a stunningly visual way of displaying interactive content.

As well as the conventional uses of the Absen LED walls, there are other ways in which they can be used. Both variation of LED panel can be used with the "ground stack" system, built into bespoke stands, or "flown" using our hanging system.

What size video walls can I create with Absen panels? 

The beauty of video wall panels is that you can customise the size however you like, creating a display as large or as small as you need. Depending on the amount of panels you have, the resolution of the wall will be different. This table shows a number of the most popular video wall sizes with both Absen 2.5mm and 3.9mm panels. It details their screen size and the resolution you can achieve. 

Absen A2 2.5mm Panels 

Panels 5x4  7x5 8x6 9x7 10x8 12x9
Screen Size  2.4m2 4.2m2 5.76m2 7.56m2 9.6m2 12.9m2
Resolution 800x480px 1120x600px 1280x720px 1440x840px 1600x960px 1920x1080px

Absen A3 3.9mm Panels 

Panels 5x3 7x4 9x5 10x6 12x7 15x8
Screen Size 3.75m2 7m2 11.25m2 15m2 21m2 30m2
Resolution 640x384px 896x512px 1152x640px 128x768px 1536x896px 1920x1024px

What is pixel pitch?

We have Absen video wall panels with a pixel pitch of either 3.9mm or 2.5mm, so we thought we would explain in more detail what that actually means. Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an LED cluster to the center of the next LED cluster, measured in millimeters. It typically ranges from 4mm up to 20mm 

Pixel pitch directly correlates your video walls display resolution and the optimal viewing distance. A small pixel pitch number means there are less pixels used to make up the image on your video wall, improving both the resolution and optimal viewing distance.

What are the benefits of hiring an Absen video wall?

Here at ITR we believe that the Absen 2.5mm and 3.9mm video walls are one of the best possible technologies you can hire for your events, here's why:

  • You will be one of the first companies to have the 2.5mm LED wall at your events, meaning you are in the forefront of technology in the events industry
  • You will stand out from your competitors as there wont be anything like it at the event your attending
  • You will have an excellent viewing distance, so it will work perfectly in an exhibition hall
  • You can create a full 4K video wall to showcase yourself at an event
  • You will benefit from the quick installation times, ease of use and the easy maintenance
  • You can produce walls of any shape or size to fit your needs
  • You will get a stunning, seamless display
  • Absen is the premium name in the LED market compared to competitors
  • You will be able to display your content in the best possible way due to brightness
  • You will draw in a larger crowd due to the sheer impressiveness of the video wall

LED Video Wall Checklist

When hiring an Absen LED video wall it is important to ensure that you have all of the equipment required to run a successful event. So, we have created a handy checklist to ensure you have everything you need when hiring an LED video wall.  

  • Absen panels
  • Control laptop
  • Processor
  • RGB Link/Scaler
  • Cables - power/data 
  • Trussing
  • Spare panels
  • Toolkit/Screw
  • Onsite technicians 

LED Video Wall Resources 

Here is a list of LED video wall resources that have been handpicked by our team over the past few months. We have personally read and listed these posts to help those who might need assistance with LED video walls. 

1.  This handy guide by pixell.com will tell you exactly what a video wall is.  

2.  The Lighting Resource Centre have created 'What is an LED?' - a guide that details everything you need to know about LED's. 

3.  For a in depth guide on pixel pitch, check out Nano Lumens page on 'What is Pixel Pitch and Why Should I Care?'

4.  If you want to know the 'Relationship Between Pixel Pitch and Viewing Distance', then this blog post by Vegas LED Screens will really help. 

5.  If you are worried about how successful your video wall will be, read this handy guide on UC View

6. For a resource on both indoor and outdoor LED pixel pitch, visit Scanlite's technical guide. 

7. If you are struggling to decide what pixel pitch LED you need to hire, check out this website on 'how to choose LED display pixel pitch'.

8. When looking at the viewing distance of an LED video wall, the legibility of the text is important according to Extron Electronics web resource.  

9. Do you need to know the minimum and maximum viewing distances of an LED video wall? This blog post details exactly how to calculate it.  

10. For a easy to read resource on refresh rate, check out this post by rtings.com. 

11. Everything you need to know about 4K is in the handy blog post by Tech Radar.  

12. For the 'Ultimate Guide to LED' check out the Instructables comprehensive guide. 

13. If you are new to creating video wall content, take a look at this handy blog post detailing 'the most common mistakes in LED video wall content creation'

14. For guides on creating video wall content check out this post on designing content for a multi-screen video display and this one on designing content on digital signage video walls.  

15. If you want to know the history of digital signage and video walls, then take a look at this detailed presentation.  

16. For help setting up a video wall, have a look at this helpful post 'Setting up a Video Wall'

17. Another useful guide on setting up a video wall can be found on vizrt.com.

18. Prismo have created a great resource for helping to understand screen size and resolution comparisons.  

19. If you're new to resolution and want to understand it a bit more, then this handy guide from EAC Systems will help.  

20. For a helpful guide on HD resolution, check out this blog post on AV Forums.  

21. If you need to know the difference between 710p, 1080i, 1080p and other resolution terms, this post will help.  

22. For a guide on LED brightness and intensity, check out Jameco Electronics.  

23. If you need a definition of a bezel, then this site is perfect.  

24. For the difference between real pixel LED screen and virtual pixel LED screen, take a look at ledstar.com

25. For help choosing which LED panels you should use, visit this website.  

A list of LED and video wall tips

Here is a list of LED and video wall tips and suggestions from from around the web. 

1.  Know your space - before selecting your monitor fro video wall deployment, understand the environment it will be in. What is the square footage you need to fill?

2. Know your content - The hardware require is directly related to the content that will be presented, whether its still image or video. The resolution of the source files and audio requirements need to be considered before selecting the display hardware.

3.  Before beginning any video wall project, the project manager must consider the business needs associated with the new video wall. 

4.  A well executed video wall gives you that 'wow' factor and gets you and your message noticed. 

5.  To avoid any mistake when it comes to choosing the right content, ask for a demo video clip or image to be shown. 

6.  Choose appropriate mounting systems and access for maintenance.

7.  Perform colour calibration as part of system maintenance. 

8.  Look for flexible content management.

9.  Clarify the number of inputs, outputs and displays.

10.  Decide on interactivity. 

11.  Think about your resolution needs and ensure the video wall scaler can handle the required source resolutions. 

12.  Consider the idea of using ultra-high definition resolutions or 4K, for a competitive advantage. 

13.  Make sure you budget for cooling.

14.  When deciding which mount to use, it is wise to consider serviceability. 

15.  You must ascertain if your video wall is a single-source, single image video wall, or if it is multiple images or multiple sources. 

16.  When creating visual content for the screen, ensure native content is used. 

17.  You need to create content accord to the resolution of your chosen video wall. 

18.  Your text needs to be based upon the actual video wall screen size.

19.  When thinking about video walls, it is easy to focus on the visual. However, it is important to look at the full experience - including audio.

20.  Integrators should perform preventative maintenance on video walls at least once a year.

21.  It's important to give strong consideration to the video wall's purpose, size considerations and client goals.

22.  Content needs to match screens wih native resolutions. 

23.  Use displays that can be colour calibrated to achieve brightness and colour uniformity from screen to screen. 

24.  Don't use low resolution images on a high resolution video wall.

25.  Make sure the resolution and aspect ration match the video wall. 

Some of the most popular LED and video wall posts on the internet over the past few years

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45.  Digital Signage Video Walls: Design with Size in Mind

46.  Digital Signage for education, business, retail and public areas



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